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The BSODing thing has been driving me crazy while (attempting to) play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. It must've BSODed me about a dozen times in total, and today just got ridiculous. I had a save game that I could only play about one turn on before it BSODeded, I restarted and it BSODed again and again. So I thought it might have been a courpt save game, so I restarted the mission from the beginning and saved it after a couple of turns and then a couple of turns later, BSOD!

I took a look around the net and found people talking about the WiFi causing BSOD (even though it's not a WiFi enabled game?!! Which didn't make much sense to me.) but I was thinking that it's more likely some kind of file corruption possibly with the SD Card as some have also suggested. So I took my SD Card out if my 3DS and put it in my PC, Windows 7 couldn't read it and wanted to format it. I didn't want to loose my data and photos so rebooted into Windows XP and was able to read the SD Card OK. So I copied off the data, formatted the SD Card (FAT) and copied the data back. And since putting the SD Card back in my 3DS, I've been able to play through my save game OK and on to play the rest of Ghost Recon without any further problems. Problem solved!

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I tried reformatting to FAT and it lasted a little while and then the BSOD returned.

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what is this BSOD I hear about?

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i've heard of the format-the-SD-card-to-FAT 'solution' before — it's all over the internet. some people swear by it, others (like Corbs) have still experienced BSoDs after formatting. either way, feel free to continue this discussion in the existing BSoD thread. :3

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