Topic: It's 2019 and we should remember when All one should Want For Christmas was a Nintendo 3DS.

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It was 2011 and I remember even then the TV performance was worse.
But even this video is still pretty cringe. (even early on, we can see some OG 3DS boxes and there is a blatant paid spot in the middle)
Wonderful Christmas that Mariah Carey herself destroyed once she created this Sham performance. (I said that then as one who already had it, at its crazy launch.)

I think we can reminisce now that it is the end of its lifespan.



I bought another 2 N3DSs this week. Happy Holidays y'all xxx

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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Yep, when the 2DS (and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) was all I wanted.



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