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So I have recently came upon this little bug in the system.While I have my Wi-Fi enabled and I'm playing a game (Ex. Pokémon Sun) it try's to connect to my Wi-Fi and I press the home button to make sure I'm connected, It lags just freezes and whatever the screen was at recently and it continues to happen every time. I made sure it was the Wi-Fi because when I restart my system by holding down the power button and I go into the setting to turn off the Wi-Fi and follow the same process it no longer freezes.This is very annoying because I always do trades and Wi-Fi Battles in Pokémon and if keeps happening it's going to be hardy to play.

FYI:I'm running the Black Friday Super Mario New 3DS so I don't think I should be having issues with it since I have only had it for a month or more.



I think it may be something of your system. I have the same model but no problems with Wi-Fi, yesterday I was trading Pokemon with no problem.

If the system still has warranty, I recommend calling Nintendo and sending it for repairs or ask if there's any chance they can change it for a new system.

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