Topic: Is Toys R Us Gone Mad?

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They're selling Rayman 3D for 10 dollars and for some reason Steel Diver does not exist on Toys R Us.

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Oh, no. They're selling an unsuccessful game for an unsuccessful system for only ten bucks, and another unsuccessful game for the same unsuccessful system that they're not even selling at all?!? These people are truly mad. :0

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It's gotta sell in the meantime though.


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They've probably got a reason for whatever sale(s) they're running at any given time. If you want Steel Diver that badly, though, I saw plenty of copies in my local Best Buy today when i went in to pick up SM3DL. I'm sure if you did a bit of looking around you can find a copy to purchase IRL, or maybe try a different internet retailer — Amazon has it in stock, for example. :3

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