Topic: Is Mii Puzzle Swap dead?

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Is Mii Puzzle Swap dead?

The last puzzle panel (Metroid Federation Force) was released in August 2016.

I googled around, but couldnt find any information, do you know anything or where can I read about this topic?



Unfortunately it looks that way

I really enjoyed collecting the puzzle pieces and I've still got a few left to get

StreetPass in itself died too (in the UK cafes, restaurants, supermarkets etc. all used to have StreetPass relays, but they all stopped straight after Nintendo released new Streetpass games (the slot-racing, share-buying/selling ones) - very naughty Nintendo, very naughty!

I definitely miss StreetPass and it's games, but especially the puzzle panels.

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I wish it would get new puzzles considering the 3DS is still getting new games like Ever Oasis, Hey! Pikmin, and Miitopia. Those first two games are even made by Streetpass Mii Plaza developers!

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It would have been ok if the Switch had streetpass. But now we are left out in the cold. Its a shame!



It's possible that they'll add new puzzle panels for the upcoming 3DS games. Nobody has yet confirmed that it's dead. However, since the Streetpass Relays keep shutting down (at least near me, I dunno what the situation is like elsewhere), I'm doubtful that we'll get any more puzzles.

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Streetpass itself is not totally dead. Mario Maker 3ds have Streetpass for sharing levels, and that came out in November. As for the puzzle swap, it's almost certainly dead, especially now that the Switch is out.


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Maybe Nintendo somehow knows the amount of streetpasses going on, maybe those numbers aren't as high as they used to be, who knows. I had my NEW 3ds with me while I was in the city not that long ago, didn't get a single streetpass. I even had my NEW 3ds with me as I passed by comic con, and I had my 3DS during that one time and couldn't go a minute without the green light revving up, and when I passed by those people in costumes, the total I got was kinda low, didn't even fill up for SM4SH.

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