Topic: Is Mario Doomed?

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This is the same guy who wondered if Nintendo should give up on the 3DS like a week ago. Nothing to see here.

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How do you people come up with these threads? lol.

But really no, Mario is not doomed.


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Doubt it. Even when Miyamoto is completely out of the picture, he's worked with so many other people who 'get' the series, that it will find itself in good hands.



Miyamoto has barely been involved in the past few Mario games and the series is nowhere near doomed last I checked.

Klimbatize wrote:

This is the same guy who wondered if Nintendo should give up on the 3DS like a week ago. Nothing to see here.

Now I seriously want to know the reasoning behind that.

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Mario isn't doomed, he's been on a roll over the past couple of years and seems to be getting stronger as he goes. Just because his creator is stepping back a bit doesn't mean the games are going to get worse, I don't think Myamoto was that active with Mario over the past few years anyhow.

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Mario is definitely doomed. The Sun only has 4-5 billion years of fuel before it expands and kills us all

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I am starting to believe we're all doomed I tells ya... ALL DOOMED!!!!



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