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Topic: is it worth getting a 3DSXL

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Everyone who has said yes has just stolen what I was thinking. :P
Yes, you may regret it at first, but once you get used to it you will never be able to imagine going back to the old one. What everyone has been saying... Yeah, the XL is really that much better. (And I know I'll get a disagreement with this but I even think that it looks better- dodges tomatoes) Get it once the next price job takes effect. Comparing it to the original there aren't really any downsides except that it's a bit harder to aim in Uprising (which is my largest gripe with it, ggr) and of course that it costs more(and came out so late, but side by side I would not really count that as important).

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I'm not about to get rid of my zelda 3ds for a xl anytime soon.. :-P

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It is an over all better system than the OG 3DS yes, but I won't recommend it if you already have a properly working 3DS. Spending another $170 just for bigger screens and a better hold doesn't cut it imo. If you have alot of money to burn then be my guest and go for it. Personally, your better of saving that money for more games or another console like the WiiU or Vita.

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Best Buy has the XL on sale--$40 off regular price!

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Futureshop in Canada has a great deal right now for a 3DS XL and Mario Kart 7 at $189.99.
If I didn't already have a regular 3DS and Mario Kart 7, I would easily pick that up.


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