Topic: is it still worth it to buy pokemon black2 and white 2?

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Hi there!

I wanted to play pokemon b2 and w2 before x/y, so i can use that pokebank feature. the only thing holding me back is that i heard that the ds' online is shutting down. So can someone tell me what in game features will not work? like wifi battles,gts,etc.?



anything online will stop working, but it's worth because of the move tutors and the legendaries since you will still be able to tranfer using the bank.
though XY is a better starting point for begginers or people who stopped playing Pokémon fo a while.
but I'd wait untill november to get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire instead of either

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ok, thank you very much



I love white 2, I'd say it is worth it even without online, even if upgrading the Join Avenue will be slower without it.

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