Topic: Is it bad for your 3DS charging cradle to be plugged up without a 3DS in it?

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I have heard rumours that you're not supposed to leave any type of charger plugged up without the device connected to it. Is this true for the 3DS charger?

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This is true because an AC adapter will draw a bit of power even if the device is not present, therefore this a small power waste. There should be no safety hazard though.



Ah thanks. My dad had me convinced that it shorted out the charger. I was worried about doing that.

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I leave mine plugged into a power bar with surge protection. I'm too lazy to unplug it, and flipping the switch on the power bar would be easier anyway.

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You could leave the charging cradle in all the time. It would waste a very tiny amount of power plugged in but not actually charging the system, but it would not damage the cradle/adapter in any way.

I believe it's best for batteries that you let them die completely before recharging them - but if the battery's similar to the DS it's pretty easy to get a new one and replace it if you have too, and you'll get at least a couple good years out of it no matter what before you start getting noticeably less out of a charge.

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As (most) everyone else has already said, leaving the adapter plugged into the cradle won't hurt the adapter or cradle. You're good to go, Snipes :3

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