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Is this game gonna be any good? I'll probably buy it on it's release date because I love third person shooter games.

Also, maybe a dumb question, but will there be a hard copy of it? I've read it will be available on the e shop.

I'm still somewhat a 3DS newbie.

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I hope it will be good, and I also hope it has a hard copy release. I guess we'll have to see.

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We know almost nothing about the game so we have no idea if the game will be good or not.
As for the retail release I doubt there will be one. The devs are indies, meaning they are creating the game without a publisher. If they wanted a physical release they would have to approach a publisher.



Even if the game isn't so good, having this tech for the 3DS can only be a positive thing. Not sure how many more years it has before Nintendo drops a "4DS" on us, but I still think it's a plus.

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