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@Waveboy: I dont know if its me or just how the systems are displayed. I have only played around with the systems at stores like Target and Bestbuy and they usually have the systems bolted to the counter. I dont know if moving it around would be better but I wont be able to tell that until I get my own. However I do know that my eyes do bug me when I watch movies in 3D like Avatar and Clash of the Titans, so it just might be me too.

I guess the only way I will be able to tell is to get a 3DS of my own

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My first reaction was like that.
Goes into the Game, then to the clerk : "Hello, do you have the ..." Sees it behind him (Note : it was 2 weeks before launch)
"O...M...G ! Can I ?" "Yeah Sure !" Lookks at the menu without 3D, and "Gonna let the surprise come in ... I'm nervous !" Sets the slider on ... "Wow ! It works ! I didn't want to do like the idiots in the adverts, but it really works !" Fiddles with it for 20 minutes, and reenacts the stupidity of some adsjust for laughs... And then, I just got mad dizzy leaving it!
I decided to retry it 4 times, 10 minutes each time, faking the discovery, and progressively got used to it, so at launch, no problem with the 3D !

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My first reaction was that it was amazing, I could see the 3D without any effort. When I showed it to other people I got 2 reactions, most said 'that's amazing' but a couple said 'I think that would make me sick' (although those people barely looked at it properly).

After owning the 3DS for a while I love it even more. It isn't a perfect system though, I had to stick 2 strips of foam across the top to stop the bottom screen scratching it and the volume is too low. A second circle pad would have helped a lot too. However none of that really matters to me as there as some great 'must have' games coming and hopefully Netflix and video support won't be that far away too.



i wasnt overwhlemed at all by the 3D effect. guess that was so because i strnagely can not see any popouts just the depth. but that is still cool. i was overwhelmed by the graphics though. played ridge racer and it looked so great. and the circle pad was one very important feature. i love to play games with the circle pad!

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I was in the "OMG that is amazing" group when I first saw it, now I enjoy the actual features of the system more. It may differ for some people but I got over the eye strain pretty fast, just like using a new pair of glasses.

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