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Some of the extra unlockable content in Pilotwings Resort definitely pops out of the screen. I'm glad that it's more about depth and less about images coming out at you though. I feel like things popping out of the screen would make gameplay kind of difficult.

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Hardy83 wrote:

"Meh, it's neat"

That were my literal words to my GF when I tried it in London.
I basically saw a superior DS with 3D. lol Not that it's a bad thing.

Well I just came home from my first playing and seeing of an actual 3DS and I had exactly the same reaction. I mean it's pretty cool but nothing mind blowing. And why would it be? I see 3D all the time on a little device called real life so I'm not impressed by 3D in a video game...

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A big wide grin . I know a lot of folks have already seen 3D but for me it was the first time,never seen a 3D film! LOL. Anyway I was a bit skeptical walking into the store but once I'd seen it I knew I wanted one (got it the same day!) The depth was so impressive ,the little dude in Pilotwings looked like a real little toy inside the screen. I honestly couldn't believe it. Awesome.
The novelty hasn't worn of though I do find myself turning it off sometimes as it gets a bit much (Hey! Why not take a break youv'e been playing our game too long ) Anyway I can't wait to see what Games like Resident Evil and Zelda look like,gonna be fantastic.
@OP Good idea about making the video BTW, wish I'd done that at work, man the best people were the non gamers, the AR impressed them more than the 3D! Word seemed to spread throughout the day and people from all different deptartments kept popping in "errr...have you got one of those 3DS thingys?....can I ave a look?" Followed by "Wow thats amazing! much are they?"
@Roopa 132 I'm guessing photorealistic graphics don't impress you either

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I thought it was cool, but not amazing. I guess all those articles about the 3D effect kinda ruined a surprise for me.

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Just meh



the 3D was good, but the GAMES WILL BE AWESOME

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"Interesting... Nice depth!"

I'm back (for the moment)!


"...Ow, well that's definitely doing a number on my eyes...I had better be able to get used to this..."

Thankfully, I did.

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/about to turn on 3D effect for the first time

"Here it goes! The suspense is killing me!"

/turns slider up half way

"...Is it working? Wait, that's it?"

/system setup complete, at home screen with 3D at max

"Why does adjusting the slider just make it blurry?"

After playing AR Games for a while with the slider at maximum, my eyes adjusted to it, and it was incredible. I only have trouble seeing it if it's not at full 3D, and it doesn't give me headaches or hurt my eyes.



My reaction when I played Pilotwings at Gamestop: "...Wh-whoa! Oh, my...oh my gosh! That's freaking awesome! Holy crap!"


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Luigi78 wrote:

@Roopa 132 I'm guessing photorealistic graphics don't impress you either

Already while I was writing my post I knew a 100 percent that someone would say that
And I have to say: Yes, they do impress me but not because they look pretty, it's the technology and programming behind it that impresses me.
And well the 3DS technology isn't really that complicated seeing how it's based on stereoscopy, a technique which has been around since the 1800's.

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I'm not sure if it was because I had read so much about it already, but the 3D didn't do a lot for me. I wasn't UNimpressed, but it worked like it said on the box, basically...

Having said that, I wasn't much impressed with the AR at all - in stark contrast to most of the hype I'd read about it! There's some neat programming there, but it still needs a lot of work in my opinion.

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something like wow,that actually works. nice

i was very sceptical about it, and i didnt bought the 3ds for this feature.
but i must say its a pretty cool perk that you wont see appearing in much gadgets. As for games, i use it for the first week then switch it off mostly. Especially street fighter since the framerate cranks up a LOT when you put it off in the game's option. man its fluid and sharp when you do so.

where i use it all the time is with the camera. trying to find innovative ways for showing cool 3d pictures is fun ! Try to take picture of something in the grass, you will see what i mean.

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Honestly, I didn't get the best initial impression. Pilotwings didn't provide a good gameplay demo. Also, the select, home, and start buttons need to be redesigned. For a future unit, the home and start buttons could be easily mapped to the Power button and touch screen. Regardless, I bought the launch system based on upcoming software and future expectations.

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" .... wow"
Feel free to quote

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Thoughts in my head were " This is fantastic....plays around with it and viewing angles ... cannot WAIT to get one on Sunday!"
I tried it at best buy and had a total blast with Pilotwings Resort. I couldn't handle the 3D immediately all the way up, but I found a sweet medium and was sad when I stayed too long and felt I better get going

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