Topic: In Which Zelda games have you completed the 3 heart challenge?

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Hi guys,

So I’m a bit stuck as to what to play at the moment. I haven’t got the cash to get a full AAA Switch game like Diablo or Wolfenstein and to be honest I’m spoilt for choice in terms of smaller indie games on Switch. I’ve been spending my time playing a bit of Smash online and online co-op nine parchments.

I’m sometimes drawn back to my 3ds to play the classics (N64 Zelda remakes, GB Pokemon games) and was wondering in which Zelda games you guys have completed the 3 heart challenge? I’ve only done it in Ocarina 3d but am thinking of trying it in Majora’s Mask 3d. Do any of you have experience with this. I imagine it’ll be harder than in oot (although I could play that game blindfolded) because of how many of the side quests give you heart pieces.

By the way how do you post images in a post (I’m using an iPad).



@BongoBongo123 Use and place the link like this: (img)Image url(/img) and replace the parentheses with brackets.

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GyroZeppeli wrote:

@BongoBongo123 Use and place the link like this: (img)Image url(/img) and replace the parentheses with brackets.

Thanks. I don’t think I did it exactly right but the link works. It’s an image of my oot 3d save files.



I've never done a 3 heart challenge but OoT is probabaly one of the only games id consider doing it on. I will say though that I'm playing through spirit tracks and much like phantom hourglass it's pretty easy to get through with minimal health. Its not so much the combat or enemies that i lose health on but accidentally jumping off a ledge is what kills me 😅 ALBW might be another one where you can maybe attempt it.



The closest thing I've ever done is a 5 HP run in Paper Mario.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I've only done it in OOT so far, but I hope to do it in some of the others eventually

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I’m in the process of doing it in Majora’s Mask 3d and am at Snowhead temple. No problem so far but it’s made the game less fun as the side quests are what make mm so good. I have a feeling gyorgs gna be really difficult.



is it possible to do a 3-heart challenge in Link's Awakening DX?
I know the screen warp trick only works in the black&white version.

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