Topic: If your a 3DS owner will you buy a ps vita and if so when.

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Skogur wrote:


It's a conspiracy, I tell you.
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Matillion wrote:

Skogur wrote:

Yes cuz Sony rox.

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For me it all depends on 3 possible factors. A) the launch games are good (I love the 3DS but was not excited for launch games so i ended up getting Pokemon Black). B) The money is there ( I need money to buy it and I may want to get the collectors edition for Elder Scrolls). C) The system has no problems (hopefully the systems will have no problems, but the next time I get a system on day one will be the new Xbox or Wii-U

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I've already got a 3G PlayStation Vita reserved, so I'm planning on getting 1 as close to launch as possible. Though playing vita games on PlayStation 3? hmm.....the last confirmation I remember hearing was being able to use to use Vita as a controller, which doesn't surprise me really, so if that's the case whomever suggested this then most likely, yes, you'll need to buy the Vita because you're forgetting about the games that will use touchscreen or the touch panel, the camera maybe for AR games. What would even be the point of playing, or rather displaying, Vita games on the PlayStation 3? In any case Vita and 3DS are obviously different devices with variably different features so they'll both most likely target different audiences, which is fine for me. I don't mind owning 1 of each system because I know each will always have its exclusives, both features and games.

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yup day one buy for me, now that i can afford to do this theres no way im going to wait out



Hardy83 wrote:

xDemon720x wrote:

Also the Vita is pretty dam expensive, even in this economic climate who would spend 250+ for a console along with games being around 40+?

My 3DS is fine by me, it does everything I need it to, don't need or want anything more than that.

I find it ironic how you complain about he cost of the Vita and it's games and then proceed to say you are happy with your 3DS which costs the exact same price software/hardware at this time.

Not wanting to own both is fine, but saying the Vita is too expensive then you go buy a 3DS....

lol, wasn't xDemon720x one of the winners of the "Get a free 3DS" NL contest a few months ago? If so, he didn't actually buy a 3DS. Just sayin'


No I'll be sticking with the 3DS. For one thing I don't have the money to be buying every games console that comes out.

The psp's game library on the whole didn't really impress me anyway. So as it stands I don't have any reason to believe buying a vita will be worth it. Not much point having all the wonderful tech if the games are no good.



You know, I was really considering buying a Vita close to it's launch, but since the 3DS price drop I've had second thoughts.
When the 3DS was $250, I figured they would compete pretty closely, and it would be worth owning both from the start. Even though I did pay $250 for my 3DS, with the lower price, the Vita now seems's weird. Plus, I feel like the Vita isn't going to be such a close competitor with the price difference, and maybe Sony will be forced to do a quick price drop like they did with the PS3, so I feel like I could wait a bit.



I might. I want to see some more games that I'm interested in before i rush out and buy another launch system.



Kainard wrote:

I might. I want to see some more games that I'm interested in before i rush out and buy another launch system.



billy-beauts wrote:

I'm pretty happy with my 3DS at the moment, and my PSP for that matter. So I think it will take a lot of convincing for me to get a Vita.

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Collectors edition for Elder Scrolls is going to be release for Vita??



I won't be buying the PS Vita till I go to College in the fall next year and get a job and set aside money for a PS Vita, I have a 3DS, DSi, DS Phat, Wii and PSP that's mostly broken oh and my Nano that has a partly shattered screen T.T so I can wait and plus need all the money I can get for college and for my wedding. My mom just bought me the 3DS and I don't want to keep asking my parents for money and just asking them for a computer system. My father and mother always say look you just got this, every time you buy this new gadget there is another one coming out, we aren't going to keep buying these computer systems for you, aren't these gaming systems mostly the same thing? So I don't really ask.

Another thing, I want to wait because when you first buy the system its costly but if you wait for a few months they always lower the price like with the 3DS. If they have some kind of pre-order thing than wow I might try and get it and if its a good pre-order item that comes along with PS Vita, I will seriously try my best to buy the Vita handheld system..

I really like the Vita and I really got excited when I saw it at the E3 so yes it's on my list just that I am going to wait awhile. I might get it for my Birthday next year, hmmm that's a good idea.

Edit, Also there aren't many games for the Vita yet so it might be good I am waiting, the only thing I see that I want to buy for the Vita is Uncharted.

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So many Awesome video games coming out this year! So many games so little money! Crap!



Haven't bought any Sony consoles since PS2, and I'm planning to keep up that tradition. I'm perfectly happy with focusing solely on Nintendo platforms.

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Certainly not. One handheld system is enough, and considering the fact that I still have my DS Lite and quite a few GBA games, I am more than "full" in terms of on-the-go gaming. Besides - I owned PSP for a few years and it was a disappointment for me, so I'm not trusting Sony again on this one.

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Nope. Sticking with the 3DS. Nintendo have, and always will, wipe the floor on the handheld market. /fanboy.

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Who buys a handheld/console based on future promises? Oh wait, I'm on the 3DS board...



Swiket wrote:

Who buys a handheld/console based on future promises?

While the console is still alive, I promise you it's a factor for everyone.



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