Topic: If your a 3DS owner will you buy a ps vita and if so when.

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I already bought a PSP after I got my 3DS, so I probably won't get a Vita in the near future. The Vita looks like an amazing handheld, but there aren't enough games that appeal to me yet. It's more likely that I'll get the PS3 and even the Wii U before I get the Vita (although I expect to own all three of them at some point in a few years).


Hahaha. No way. 250 for a handheld is a ridiculous price for me, and I'm not much into the Vita. Heck, I barely play my PSP as it is.The only game I'm even remotely interested in is also getting a PS3 version, and since I already have a PS3 I don't see the need to buy a system for it.



After a price drop I probably will. I doubt Sony will give me twenty free games when they do, lol.



Considering how bad things got for me during the DS lifetime with a lot of crud (and I don't mean the poor launch of it) I actually preferred my PSP for a couple years, I can't see myself avoiding it unless it's just not affordable for me to have as I got a kid on the way.

I'm not stupid though, I know Sony is overpricing it out of my range at $250-300 yet I know they're losing considerable cash at that point too thinking they'd shaft NIntendo who got the last laugh coming in a week. Sony has patterns, and they're bundles usually a year in or sooner if they hit a roadblock. When that Vita follows the same pricing as the PSP (as it is currently at $250) and does a $200 System, good memory card size, game, perhaps movie or d/l waiver in box then it'll be on my list.

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I probably won't get it until Q4 2012 at the earliest (I'm never being an early adopter for another system again), when I will get it mostly depends on the games it gets. Although, Little Big Planet and Modnation Racers look amazing so I'll probably pick one up sometime.

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i`m getting it next year around tax return time. I want a new kind of experience and I`ve never had a PSP before. Nintendo will still be my go to system though



The only reason I'll do so is if I get it for free or DIRT cheap. Like... less than $100.


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They're different enough that it's worth owning both if you have the money. I'm opting for a "wait-and-see" strategy to see how the launch goes and if it will have enough games that appeal to me. Also, the inevitable price drop someday will be nice.

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I plan on getting it launch if the ported monster hunter freedom 3 is available. If not , depends launch games .

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I never had any plans to get a PS3, but after they announced it would play Vita games, I'm considering buying one. Why the hell buy a Vita when you can get a console that will play all those games and several hundred more?
It's a rhetorical question, btw. I know the PS3 is ugly and non-portable, but my DS/3DS are all I need

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I want the Vita more then the 3DS, but I got the 3DS to get the ambassador games (and take advantage of price policies muahaha!)

Anywho, they are both two totally different machines, and like the PSP and DS, I think they compliment each other more then compete with each other.
That is if you have the money or family (gift) willing to get both.



When they inevitably slash the price.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


If the games appeal to me, perhaps...

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Never been a fan of Sony consoles, so no. Also the Vita is pretty dam expensive, even in this economic climate who would spend 250+ for a console along with games being around 40+?

My 3DS is fine by me, it does everything I need it to, don't need or want anything more than that.

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Nah, most of the games are ports of PS3 games, so i'll stick to my PS3. But i might buy an old PSP when it's very cheap.

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I really doubt it. I only have so much money. I've never been able to support more than one console and one handheld, and since I'm such a lifelong Nintendo fan, and it's hard for me to imagine gaming without Nintendo first-party titles, their systems are my first choice. That's not to say there aren't tons of other games on other systems I'd love to play, or that I'm always happy with Nintendo's decisions (in fact, rarely so, these days), but when it comes down to it, I have to choose, and my few bucks are going their way.

If I somehow come into scads of money, however...

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xDemon720x wrote:

Also the Vita is pretty dam expensive, even in this economic climate who would spend 250+ for a console along with games being around 40+?

My 3DS is fine by me, it does everything I need it to, don't need or want anything more than that.

I find it ironic how you complain about he cost of the Vita and it's games and then proceed to say you are happy with your 3DS which costs the exact same price software/hardware at this time.

Not wanting to own both is fine, but saying the Vita is too expensive then you go buy a 3DS....



Probably not. I don't have enough time to get through all the games I want on Wii, DS/3DS, and PS3. Plus, there's a good chance most Vita games will be on PS3 anyway in some form. The connectivity is really cool and all, but it is a place where I can probably cut my spending without losing too much content. Also, I don't really like to own multiple portables. The 3DS + iPhone is plenty to keep me occupied out and about.

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