Topic: If your a 3DS owner will you buy a ps vita and if so when.

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I probrably won't get it if we get animal crossing and pokemon in 2012.

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i'm going to get one next year with my tax return. it's not coming out until early next year anyways. Uncharted looks cool. I tried out the demo on their website and it was cool



Even though I'm a HUGE Nintendofanboy, I'm thinking of picking one up. When comes out, nope. Probably in 2013 or 2014 as a birthday present. But the reality is probably never.

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Maybe it's because I've been a Nintendo person my entire life, maybe it's because I'm not the biggest fan of the genres that are popular on Sony platforms, or perhaps I haven't done my research on the Vita that much, or I just have no interest in another very expensive handheld gaming console, or even that I'm not a super-hardcore gamer person/graphics hound, but I don't see myself getting a Vita. I simply don't.

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Only if it's better than the PSP. As in, the support is there. And I'd most likely wait for a slim model anyway, since Vita isn't on my priority list but if a certain game or two comes out on Vita, I'll really consider getting one. If a special BLUE or ORANGE model comes out, I'll most definitely get it :3



@komicturtle92: Why don't they have weird colors for handhelds that aren't special edition? I would buy a lemon yellow Vita in a heartbeat, then blind people with it!

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Yes. I like to have a different color from the general public. My 3DS has an orange casing around it- it makes it look like an actual Orange 3DS and it's nice to hold because it feels like the DSi- smooth and not slippery.



After my disappointing experience with the PS3, I think I'll skip out on Sony's systems from now on. Besides, the 3DS and other stuff are sucking my wallet dry!!

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LordJackTretton wrote:

I'm trading in my 3DS for a Vita

Price goes down, so does the trade value.

It would probably be a while, doubt my parents would enjoy another expensive birthday. If I get a job or my relatives spoil me by celebrating me moving out on my own, I'd probably get it next year or whenever I have the money.

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we'll probably get 2 sometime next year. portable PSN, ratchet & clank, LBP, using it as a controller for PS3, these are all good things.

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I am a 3DS owner and currently have no plans to buy a Vita. If enough games come out for it that really tempt me, I'll no doubt end up getting one, but since I'm not big into the most popular PS3 franchises (really didn't like Uncharted, GoW and never really tried many others), I can't see it happening.

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Im quite interested on Vita, in fact I was planning to sell my 3DS (and then Iwata frustrated my plans) and invest that into Vita. But one of the most important factors will be price of the games. 3DS games are already between 10 and 15€ more expensive than DS ones (absurdly, as so far 3DS ones are way worse), but if Vita ones have similar price ranges to PS3 ones then I will think twice before buying that console.



Nah, I'm not really a Sony guy. So Nintendo's hands down for me.
I want the Nintendo games. If I want third party games that are from PS3/XBOX360 I'll just get a Wiipii.

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It depends on lots of things. Price, Software, Software Price, Colours, Future 3DS Games, Not being broke e.t.c.

I can see myself getting one maybe 2012 or 2013, but no way at launch or any time near.

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If they can offer me something that feel is worth the money to buy one I'll get it. Right now I haven't seen anything interesting, but I'll never say never.

If stuff I want comes along I'll probably get one.

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I really don't see anything special about the vita and it's games besides the graphics...So no! I'm not interested in getting one! I actually prefer my 3DS thank you very much!!

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because im having enough hard time puting money into 3ds games
because the psp didnt appeal me else for 2 squaresoft titles
because the VITA seems like a ps3 portable with less power, id rather pay for a ps3
because Nintendo has a spirit behind the machine
because if i do, my wife gonna beat me down for putting even more money in my gaming life. i had to taste the angry eyes when i bought the 3ds, those eyes will kill me if a vita comes by. fear the wife's eye, theyre evil.

(im just kidding on the last one, .... ssshhhht she might be reading me)

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I think I'll be a "Day-1" guy for the Vita. I had every intention of picking one up in November when I thought it would come out. Since it got pushed back to 2012, I went out last night and bought a 3DS to keep me occupied until then.

Nintendo, go thank Sony: they pushed me into buying a 3DS.



i might get a vita after i get SM3DL and SM64DS. And my DSi fixed. and when i get a N64.

Wow, i just noticed i need a lot of things.

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