Topic: If you could have any indie/console game on the 3DS E-Shop, what would it be?

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Geonjaha wrote:

Swiket wrote:

Papers, Please would be perfect for the 3DS.

It'd be far too small to read everything. You'd have to zoom in continually.

Good point. I'd still like to see a mobile version on tablets or something.



Wait..hold on a sec

Isn't the Gamecube weaker than the 3DS?


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unrandomsam wrote:

RR529 wrote:

I know it's not an indie game, but I'd love for the Chaos Rings trilogy to hit 3DS (even if it's all three games on cart, instead of individual release on eShop).

I know the 3DS could handle them (well, at least the first one), and I heard the first is coming to Vita, so I don't see why it couldn't happen.

Those games are awful. (Absolute garbage if compared with Final Fantasy III or IV on the same platform).

I haven't played Omega or II, but I thought the first Chaos Rings was a great game.

I felt it was just as high quality as some of the RPGs I've played on DS & 3DS, and sometimes I forgot I was even playing a mobile game.

Absolutely gorgeous visuals (for the time it was released), a gripping story that encourages multiple playthroughs (which aren't tedious due to the different experiences of each team), and a solid RPG gameplay setup that's designed perfectly for mobile input methods & play philosophy.

Is it as good as FFIV? No, at least in my opinion, but that in no way means it's not a fun game in it's own right. (haven't played FFIII though, so it wouldn't be fair for me to compare)


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PrincessSugoi wrote:

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva (last I checked a localization was in the works)

That already released in the west on PS3.

Red_XIII wrote:

Katwa Shoujo

Good to see someone else is a fan out of that game. They'd have to cut out the sex scenes, though...which wouldn't be much of a problem, at least to me.

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Dead Pixels. Not very well known, but it's a pretty well crafted indie game. I can imagine enjoying that on the 3DS. Torchlight 2 would also be pretty awesome on the 3DS, though the screen is a little small, and controls could be rough.

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