Topic: I think I'm done with 3DS, time to move on to Wii U.

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You should not be worried about what other people think , i hear it all the time .. i box, not as a professional or amateur i just love boxing and i bring my ds into the gym some ppl tease me but i dont care about them, i handle my responsibilities as a young adult and ill do whatever keeps me happy.




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CanisWolfred wrote:

DarkwingLz wrote:

So becoming 19 suddenly makes you lose interest in Kirby?

Yeah, that's a little old to lose interest in getting gold stars for completing something that could be accomplished in your sleep.

Because as we all know, older gamers can't like easier games, right?

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

Yeah, I have been gaming it up to the max on the awesome WiiU dudes while the 3DS has been a Game Gear emulator while I pinch off my poop on the bogger. So just a quick summary of my massive wall of text... WiiU is my ultimate everything device, 3DS has become my Game Gear/Megadrive poop machine

The 3DS imo wouldn't of been that tempting to get if it weren't for the Stereoscopic 3D and VC, it feels like i'm playing Gamecube(Not a GCN or N64 fan) games with PS3/XBOX 360 lighting+Shaders on the go running in 30 frames per second. I prefer the more retro-inspired 32 bit goodness of the DS Lite, most of the 3DS's sequels have also been inferior to their previous incarnations and blah blah. The 3DS is great, but i just wish there would be more of a focus on sidescrollers & Sprites! Enjoy your Game Gear Poop machine, my 3DS seems to go in a cool dudes-coma every now and then.

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yo UndergroundGemz bro love wu tang pic man wu tang forever...

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