Topic: How many Star Medals are there in Super Mario 3D Land?

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I got the game 1 day late from it's release, I beat the game from all of the normal stages, to the special stages, managed to get all Star Medals per each level, go 990 lives (gives me three crowns), unlocked bonus level in World 8 (Nintendo thank you level), got 5 stars on my file, & my death count is 0 (cause every time I die I reset the game by pressing "L+R+SELECT") But I keep hearing rumors that there is 999 Star Medals than the ones that I collected from each level.I have a total of 311 Star Medals, so is it that true???Cause I'm up for the challenge !I really appreciate it if you help me out on this one.Thank you !



Your rumors are probably just rumors, but there is no telling how many star medals there are yet unless someone ripped open the game and found out exactly how many mystery boxes there are.

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I'm pretty sure the Star Coins are endless

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Please feel free to ask this (and any other SM3DL-related questions) in the main SM3DL thread. Thank you! :3

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