Topic: How many " older " folks play with the 3DS?

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Just curious, what age bracket are you?

My wife is in the 50's bracket. I don't play games much, but I am starting to get excited about a couple games I bought her for Christmas ( ok, I bought 2 for me, MarioKart 7 and SteelDiver )



I'm actually 20's (which is still older than what most people would assume 3DS players are).

Got a nice selection of both more "mature" games (MGS3D, AC:AHL, DOAD, FE:A) & "kiddie" games (SM3DL, MK7, KI:U) amongst others.

Glad to hear that there are people of your age group interested in the 3DS' lineup. Never to old for gaming

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My mom's in her 30's and really wants her own 3DS in order to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

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Im 27 and will own my second 3ds this holiday season. Ive known people in their 50's who owned the original ds. To play games like brain age.Its hard to capture that casual audience again..But they are out there.


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Im 26 and tje 3DS is my fiest handeld and .... i loveeee it favorite console of all time for me !

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I am 23 and have a 3DS XL, My dad however is in his late 50's and plays his DS Light occasionally.

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I'm 33 and love my 3DS!



I'm 31 and the 3ds is a beast



Im 16._.

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I'm 19 and only know one person bellow 13 that has a 3DS(and he only got it to have the same videogame as me XD)

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My mom is 56 and loves her DSi. Doesn't have a 3DS, but is always asking me about the games.

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I'm 20 and my friend who enjoys Nintendo is 21. No sign of that stopping any time soon.
I already feel old but I'm happy that there are other gamers in my age category.

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Just turned 50, and I play my 3DS more than I ever played my GameBoy.

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19 here. My dad is 52, and he's never too old to play.



50 here and i play my 3DS each and every day.

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Just turned 39 yesterday. My love for Nintendo games continues to this day. I'm a gamer for life, just like my dad. He's in his 70s and still gaming.

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I'm 30 and 3DS is my favorite console ever because of great exclusives like Kingdom Hearts 3D, AA Dual Destinies, SMTIV and the like

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34 here, got my 3DS XL about a week ago and have been Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Super Mario 3D Land lately



31 and have been play for 20+ years. Have two kids 5 & 6 that are into game. My hubby plays occasionally and he's 38. Will be a Nintendo gamer for life. Even my one year old will play with his brother's & sister's XL sometimes.

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I'm 38 recently and have been playing since I had an Atari. I had both the Master System and NES and then Super Nintendo, Genesis and Gameboy, then I toke a break for awhile during College, but came back and was Nintendo only with the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wi and 3DS. I love Nintendo!

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