Topic: How many hours have you clocked on your 3ds total time?

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19 titles, 113:28
Okamiden - 22:28 leads the pack.
Pilotwings Resort - 15:38 is the most played 3DS title.

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Apparently I've been playing for 16 hours these last six days, because now I've passed the 100 hour mark. Wow, I wonder how much that number will skyrocket once I have the eShop and OoT.


will be loads higher when we have the e-shop



koryz wrote:

You go on activity log then go on daily records then click with your stylus playtime next you click view as list then the month icon until you this year and there you have it. I'm at 121:42

Thanks. My total play time is 95:12. SSF4 28:10 RR3D 23:24 and PWR 20:21. That's pretty high for me and shows how much fun I'm having with my 3DS.



460 hours. Let's just say winning against Guile sonic boom spammers in SSF4 is my hobby.

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My new time is 115:25, still loving it.

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18 hours and 39 minutes. Most being on nintendogs+cats. Got this console last Wednesday

Aqua blue 3ds, playing nintendogs+cats


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