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So its going to be 7 years this March 27, and with the switch out I want to know how long this handheld has. I grew up with the DS line and I'm going to be pretty damn upset to see it die so Im hoping at least 3 more years since the DS lasted 10. Not just because I just love the system but because I dont have a switch yet and I refuse to get one until there are more interactive things on it like street pass plaza, mii maker, or just something. Because the main menu is so bland and there really isn't that many games out yet let alone the virtual console isn't up. (waiting for gamecube ports to the switch like Metroid Prime even though i rather see it in 3d).

Anyways, with a remake of Bowser's inside story and knowing that Nintendo never truly cares about anniversaries besides main Mario, Zelda, and Kirby Titles, why do you think its coming out in 2019 if the 3DS is meant to die soon?

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Honestly I thought 2017 was going to be the last year, then I thought 2018 was going to be the last year but then they announced Bowsers inside story DX. I guarantee that that’s not the only 1st party game releasing that year, given it would be weird if Nintendo only released 1 first party game on there console in a year, so for all we know it could survive until 2029. Also the Switch does have a Mii maker, it’s just hard to find.

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i know the mii maker is in like the profile thing but i mean like a full fledged one. and pictochat would be nice to see back same with flipnotes but with an actual online ability

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I figured Spring 2018 would be the farthest it would last, but honestly figured it would be earlier (before the launch of Ultra Sun and Moon). But now they've got Luigi's Mansion and Wario Ware, Captain Toad and Sushi Striker for 2018 (the latter two are shared with Switch, but the option is still there), and Bowser's Inside Story +Bowser Jr.'s Journey for 2019. In that time, there's always a chance that other smaller titles will be announced, like Dillon's Rolling Western, and even other titles from third party devs. Least of all, is E3, where they could easily fill up a few gaps in the Fall/Winter, and give people more titles to look forward to next year.

I know most of the titles highlighted for 3DS in the Direct were ports, but they're REALLY good ports, and by working within the limits of a system that's been getting developed for, for eight years, I think Nintendo can extend the lifespan for the system to hit the decade mark. I want to say that 2019 Spring will be when the system will be retired, but with the options for game ports, and the potential STILL there for new small-scale titles, I could be wrong-and I hope I am. It's a solid system that entertains people and can handle great games. Nintendo's managed well enough with having them side-by-side so far, so I'm perfectly fine with both coexisting (it would also exist as the ultimate argument against the "console power is everything" mindset too, which would be fun )




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im gonna say 2020.

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However long the Switch lasts, it may even be that Pokemon Switch isn't exclusive to Switch but rather the games are easily scaled such that Switch and 3DS versions exist. That last Direct made it seem like there's no end to 3DS in the forseeable future.


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Doesn't Bowser's Inside Story have a sequel? That might get a 3DS version as well. Other than, we still might get some Japanese 3rd party stuff like the Vita is getting. We got Radiant Historia earlier this year and SMT Strange Journey is coming up as well. Not sure if Atlus has anything left for next year though. Plus, SMT V is probably their focus now.



Grumblevolcano wrote:

However long the Switch lasts, it may even be that Pokemon Switch isn't exclusive to Switch but rather the games are easily scaled such that Switch and 3DS versions exist. That last Direct made it seem like there's no end to 3DS in the forseeable future.

I partially disagree. If you look at the direct, the 5 games are
-3 remakes (...2 and a half depending on how you look at that Warioware game)
-2 of those remakes exist because they have assets from previous 3DS games
-1 of those games is a sequel to an eShop game
-the last one is just a complete version of a game that came out in Japan like 2 years ago

I think Pokemon being on both systems depends almost entirely on if they want a mainline Pokemon game on Switch ASAP more than anything.

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I think Nintendo will do partners in time as well to round out the mario and Luigi RPG remakes. Other than that, western localization will "extend" the life of the system to the end of 2019 I'd wager, and by then all of the big 3ds devs will have transitioned. After that there really isn't much else to bring over as I think the existing smaller IPs (dillion, and the new sushi striker) will have already gotten what releases they are going to get. Still more than enough to get the illusion of constant support while having a huge and amazing backlog to leverage for those that aren't getting a Switch. I am still holding out hope for some sort of tv player. Even if you have to use the 3ds physically in some way. I'm hoping the switch popularity will push Nintendo do do something like the gba player or ps vita tv. The vita tv route would be harder unless it is tethered to the system in some way (vita tv used the ps controllers but the pro controller isn't an equivalent and since the wiiu is dead...sigh)

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I don’t think Nintendo wants us to be able to guess the life cycle of the 3DS. It’s the sign of a good console/handheld when people don’t have to think about when it might end because they love it so much and get enough play out of it. You’d think that with Switch out, that would be the time for Nintendo to close out the 3DS — just turn the projects on 3DS into switch titles, but since they didn’t stop the 3DS then, I think it’s safe to say that they’ll keep it going through the first part of 2019, which means you still have a year left to play some great games. Until you see several Nintendo directs that don’t mention the 3DS, you’re probably still safe



It will end before FFVII is out.



I think that Nintendo has announced the last retail games that they will produce for the 3DS. Maybe they'll announce 2 or 3 more games but that would be it. I've looked up how long the GBA, the DS and the Wii were available for retail, and they were all discontinued 10-11 years after the release of that system. Based on that, I guess that the 3ds will be available until 2021.



They'll support it like any company supports any platform. As long as people are buying the software they will continue to make content for it. Which is why I think the 3DS is well and truly on the way out. It's selling about half as much software as it was selling during its peak and almost a third of those sales are just Pokemon. With Pokemon now coming to Switch and with the Switch just generally gaining momentum? I don't think the 3DS is going to be that impressive in terms of sales in 2018.

And anyway, what exciting new content is actually coming to 3DS? If I go to the 3DS section in one of my local online retailers the only upcoming 3DS game they have on their site is Detective Pikachu. For Switch they have 19 upcoming games listed, for PS4 they have about 50. The writing is on the wall.

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With at least one new game pencilled in for a 2019 release date, I have a feeling that Christmas 2019 will be something of a 'final hurrah' for the early 2020, it's reasonable to think that the Switch (or a 'Switch Lite' perhaps) could be retailing at £200-or-under - closer to the 3DS price point - which would be the ideal time to phase it out really (..especially as software is where the real profits can be made - so I expect to see Nintendo making moves over the next year-or-so to encourage the 3DS fanbase to migrate over to Switch through price cuts and attractive games like Pokémon)

There's no danger of it being ruthlessly axed this year - but I'd expect it to be wound down in 2019 and eventually phased out altogether in early 2020

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@Octane hahhah

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See I wouldn't truly mind the 3DS being retired if the Switch had more of a fun Inter-face and if their were more games out already and that there was just more to do on the system itself without anything like how there was with the DSi and 3DS when they first came out.

Other than that I hope that Nintendo (and i doubt they would do this) would make a new Switch that allowed you to place 3DS games in a second cartridge slot to play them or even some type of add on that you can plug into the switch then stick your cartridge into it and transfer the data and game to the switch itself to play it like a Downloadable game.

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Until they've literally run out of games to port/remake to stretch out its life, ha. No, I think when the inevitable smaller, more portable "Switch Lite" comes out, that will spell the official redundancy of the 3DS.


@Haywired I wouldn't mind it. Would be nice t9 be honest especially if they have the ability to play 3ds and ds games. An all in one system would be great.

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The 3DS will live on as the entry level product Nintendo sells until Nintendo is ready to either lower the price of the standard Switch, or releases a cheaper, more child friendly and small Switch-mini.

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