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Hi, and to all these people saying that they're going to wait until price drops... won't that be a long time? I mean, quite a lot of months? Just wondering if people could post their opinions on how long it will take...



I don't know, I mean milk is getting really expensive. There's really no telling when it'll start going down in price, it may never!

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If it does, they'll just have to wait until then; it's whatev'. We have no idea if/when the price will drop, though generally that happens once a new iteration of the handheld in question is released.

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you can get a 3DS for $200 starting Nov 21st 2099

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The price is too damn high. And I'm sorry but the graphics are not to drool over, and I can do without 3D gameplay. Not even if it's 200 I think I'll buy it. I don't think there will be a price drop anytime soon, Maybe for the holidays but I highly doubt it.



It won't drop until the holidays or until the next version releases. Even then, chances are that it won't drop for awhile. 3DS preorders are ALREADY SOLD OUT in Japan D:


rustythekid wrote:

The price is too damn high.

Did you hear that? Did you? It was a child's stomach growling. Their parents bought them a 3DS and then realized they had no money for food! Why? Because the price is TOO damn high!

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Considering the hardware in this system in comparison to the Wii and Gamecube... you wont see the price of $200 until sometime next year, in 2012. And with the plan of a steady stream of game releases so the system doesn't have any game droughts, there is no reason to lower the price, as people will wait to buy the system until the game they want comes out. There just isn't reason to lower the price. If anything, you'll see it jump to $300 when they decide to release game bundle packs with the 3DS. Sorry guys.

And the graphics on this little system, yes, they are something that's amazing. They are closely equivalent to the Gamecube, even the Wii at times. When you shrink down the screen size to the size of a DS screen, the graphics look smooth, crisp, and ultimately satisfying. No console has ever had over 100 titles announced and planned before it's release, and by more than 20 publishers. And no console has had so many 3rd party developer supporting it before. The territory is almost all new, so price is going to stay up.

I pre-ordered mine already. It's my first time ever getting a console on my own at it's release date, so I'm able to stay in tune with new game releases.



Correct Syd-Valak. It will be a while before they take the price down. The price to me is good where it is at with all the features you get with the 3ds. Apparently the price doesn't matter overseas because Japan is sold out of preorders of the 3ds from what ign says.

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I'm agreeing with Syd's thinking. I doubt there will be a price drop before Holiday 2012.

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They won't lower the price if they are still selling the console well. It just depends on how many people are willing to buy it at $250.

Beyond that, Nintendo doesn't want to sell it at a loss, so it will depend on how quickly production/equipment costs lower. The only time you'd be guaranteed to see a price drop is when the 3DS Lite or whatever they call the next iteration of it comes out. Given the DS's history...that'll probably be in about 2 years.

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In my case, I hope it drops to $0.

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But a Price drop will only happen if it dosen't get good Sells.
It already sold out in a Price drop it not coming any time soon....

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JumpMad wrote:

a Price drop will only happen if it dosen't get good Sells.

Syd-Valak wrote:

I pre-ordered mine already.

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3DS SP will come out Fall 2013.




Hmm, according to my super-accurate machine of speculation, I'm going to say when the universe implodes. See ya at the end of all time!

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The Wii didn't get a price drop until just last year, and it was released back in 2006 in the US. The high demand caused that, and if the 3DS goes the same path, then you wont see a price drop until the sales start to decrease or Nintendo decides to make another version of the 3DS.

Just go find a job, do chores around the house, trade in the games you don't want anymore, trade in your DS/Lite/i/XL, or whatever to get some money. It shouldn't be that hard.

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I think the demand is going to be too high for them to even conceive of lowering the price in NA till after x-mas 2011. I think there will be shortages in NA because of the cheaper price, and Nintendo will be more motivated to meet demand in Europe/Japan instead. I wouldn't count on a price drop any time soon.

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Gosh grow up. What are you idiots? My thoughts are that the price won't drop. It will come out soon and a price drop would be too early. You could see if they have bundle or something. You would get more for your money.

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I hope they don't release another 3DS variation... for a long long time. 3DS Lite won't ever exist, because this 3DS has 5 light settings. 3DSi, it will have internet and browsers in an update shortly after it's release, and 3DS XL... might be kinda cool... so maybe. 3D video is just a software update, and hopefully new features that they plan to add to the 3DS are just software updates.

So I really wouldn't count on seeing a new variation too soon, unless a new hardware upgrade can greatly assist the machine, like a better 3D screen on the 3DS to help with the very small 3D sweet spot.



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