Topic: How does the transferring of DSiWare work?

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Will you be able to just redownload them when you synch your 3Ds to your account, or just store them on an SD card and move them over that way, or will you have to do something weird like have them both turned on and transfer wirelessly? (kind of like when you get a demo off the Nintendo Channel)

I ask because I want to trade my Dsi in on the 3ds because honestly I have no need for both but I don't want to have to lose my games to do so.

Have they officially announced how it'll be done or just that it will be done somehow?



From what I heard, we will be able to transfer DSiWare via a system update for the 3DS in late May [along with the eShop], but I am not sure how it will work.



That's what I'm worried about, I don't want to trade in my DSi for a 3DS then when the update rolls around it tells me to switch on my DSi to begin the transfer.



dings wrote:

That's what I'm worried about, I don't want to trade in my DSi for a 3DS then when the update rolls around it tells me to switch on my DSi to begin the transfer.

That's why it's best not to trade in a DSi if you have DSiWare on it. I have 20 titles that I'm ready to transfer by late May.

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You know, you can always wait til' release day and trade the memory at the store if possible, then.


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@R-L-A - That isn't possible, the ability to transfer DSiWare won't come until the first firmware update (expected May, but could be delayed). I suspect this update will also add the ability to buy DSiWare, since you can't do that on the system at launch.

I have a feeling you'll have to do some sort of wireless transfer. It might not physically transfer the games, just send info about which games you have bought to the 3DS and unlock them for downloading on that system. I also suspect it'll then remove the games from the DSi system so you can't own them on both.

I'm lucky enough that I had 4 DSi systems in my posession and was able to trade in one with a broken L button for a nice credit against my 3DS. I've kept my system with all my DSiWare on ready to transfer.

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Yes, I may have transfered by dsiware from my dsi to my 3ds and then traded it in, but I'm not soi sure now. I have many on my ds card that I could do with playing in a pick up and play capacity. The 3DS' ability to play from sd card (like on the wii) is very important to me. I also have around 10-12 dsiware games that I'm ready to download once the 3DS storage solution is available in May

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If you trade in your DSi you won't be able to do it... and that's the point.

Nintendo doesn't want you to trade in your DSi because then there's a potential used sale instead of a new sale. However if you do trade it in then you have to rebuy all your downloads so they win either way.

It's actually a really smart(and devious) idea.

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