Topic: How do you think Mario Kart 3DS will take advantage of 3D?

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Miyamoto said something about the illusion of depth making the game seem bigger, such as seeing a large view after making a big jump from a cliff and feeling like you're going over a big amount of space. That would be cool, and I think the blooper would be a lot more effective too. Plus, the wipe-outs would be bigger, with the spiny shell being meaner than every before!


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Bring back the regular spiny shell as well as the winged one. More shells ftw!!

I hope they at least make two racers an option!

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Boo will be invincible and you can go offroad and steal a item

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Powerups could be launched at you, like if you throw a koopa shell backwards, it might seem to come at you, or you could see how far away someone is

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Seeing as it will be the amalgamation of all the other versions of the game and it’s on the 3DS, I am guessing it will have more "depth" than the others..... more "depth", 3D, "depth.... oh please yourselves..



Like many people said, the power-ups will make use of the 3d effect in an in-your-face style, also, I'd expect new power-ups that would be exclusive to the 3ds version, just for the 3d alone. Since there is a built in gyroscope in the system, I might assume they will implement motion controls too.

It may be a guess but If they would try to make use of the 3D They may add a gimmicky first person view option just to create a "better" 3D effect.

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the course map should return

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