Topic: How do YOU play your 3DS VC games?

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Tetris is the only game I play on green mode, I think it actually looks better that way than in B&W.
But other than that one game, my previous comment is still valid.

Meowph, that's right!

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Usagi-san wrote:

I never play gameboy games at original resolution. It is way too small for me to appreciate, the size of 1 pixel displayed on the 3ds is very differant to 1 pixel on my gameboy pocket so I don't see the point personally.

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I still got my GBA ;D Zelda, Mario.

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Looky' what i found.
For the XL, 1:1 mode is a no brainer due to the boost in screen size. But now that i'm back to my regular 3DS, it's either Big & Blurry, or 1:1 small and crisp. I've opted for 1:1 while staring closer at the screen. While the 3D effect is amazing at giving you a deep realistic effect as if you're playing on an actual GB or GBC, it's not exactly ideal obviously when you're moving in closer to the screen. Makes me' eyes hurt maytee!

1:1 mode, 3D 'OFF' and in Black & White for me.
Nintendo should still throw in a couple more options like giving us a monochrome green virtual contrast slider or fixing the green detail crushing all together, and maybe throw in an OFF/ON button for the retro motion blur when in Green/pea soup mode.

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I just play how it already is. I never had a game boy, so nostalgia is't a factor or anything. But I still think they should include the option to play in color, with the option to choose the palette, like on the game boy color.

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