Topic: How do YOU play your 3DS VC games?

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Do you prefer to use the Monochrome Pea Soup effect? or the Black and white filter? Do you prefer the slighty stretched 'yet a smidge blurry' default screen size? or do you prefer the additional Game Boy Boarder with the pixel perfect sharp resolution with the shnazzy depth-ish Game Boy 3D effect?

I use the Default Larger screen size with the Monochrome Pea Soup filter....It totay takes me back to playing Super Mario Land on my GameBoy! And while it retains a bit of that ghosting effect which is really cool, it's nowhere near as ghosty as the original GB was which is a good thing hehe.

Also, as much as I love the GB Boarder, along with the 3D effect it gives and the sharp/crisp resolution that goes along with it....It's the screen size that is twice as small as the original GB screen that bums me out....WTF Nintendo! And if you use the default screen size it's a bit larger than the original GB screen size, while looking soft and giving it a less impressive and blurrier look. Either way you can't win.

And playing traditional GB games with the Black & White filter just doesn't seem right for some reason....Because it was never like that in the first place.

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Well I still have my original Gameboy so for the ultimate retro feel I just use that.
In the case of playing them on 3DS I just leave the resolution the way it is. I don't like the tiny screen even though the picture is sharper. Might as well be playing the games on a wrist watch. I do like the pea soup green better than having the games in black and white. It just looks so classic and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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Big & blurry > small and clear


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Dude, I've got my Old Gameboy on me as well, and while I get a giant kick out of playing it, due to the screen having no back light makes it a pain in the to play, unless you have a lamp hovering over your Plus my GB screen is rocking a lot of scratches and it looks smudged and cloudy, and to make matters worse the sound completey died on me a couple of years ago. sigh*

Yet if you opt to play your GB games on a GB Color, it gives those games a bit of color, yet it just doesn't look right compared to the killer and original Monochrome green color. Call it nostalgia, I guess.

Oh and I'm guessing Link's Awakening also look a bit soft in it's default size? But at least it's in color...It would of been quite the trip if they released a Super Mario Land DX with added color and the like.

But why do I get the feeling that Link's Awakening would look crisper and sharper on the GB Color?, too bad my GB Color doesn't have a custom Black Light because I'd rather play it on that.

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I dont !!
If i want to fare real nostaliga i fetch out my gameboy or advance and play with full battery blast ....
And u dont have any resolution problems or a sudden dwarf spell
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I'm still mixed on weather i should be playing these GB Classics in green monochrome or Black & White. I'm sure Nintendo intended these titles to play in Black & White, yet the Pea Soup filter just brings in the fuzzy nostalgia, even though I'm starting to find the intended streaky motion a bit The green filter gives the titles this sense of funkyness I'll admit, I found myself always going back for the green.

And I wish we could of gotten a crisper native res GB screen for these titles....But instead we either have to go with the stretched soft look, or the tiny super crisp Wrist watch Bummer!

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Gameboy borders. I don't care so much for the smaller screen, but it does look sharper and the 3D gives it a slightly sunken look. As far as black and white or green, I'm still experimenting with that.

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Game Boy Border with Classic Green in 3D! The perfect combination!

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how do you get the pea soup effect?



@UncleWolf - Hold down L, R and X at any time. However, it will take a second or two for your 3DS to recognize and implement the change, so it's best to pause whatever game you're playing and then change the coloring. Also, for better authenticity, motion blur will also appear with the pea soup coloring, so you have been warned as well.

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I play either with the border and Pea soup or without the border with black and white. Isn't the black and white based on the Game Boy pocket?

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I play with the big black & white screen.

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The resolution of the 3DS is so much bigger than that of the old GB and GBC So, yeah, you get either scaled graphics or a smaller screen.

And scaling and blurring a bit is SO MUCH better than scaling with sharp edges.

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I use the white and black filter, because green and darker green looks hideous imo.
I also use the stretched mode because the original resolution is too small for my eyes.
At least the games i have look very nice stretched.

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Green filter, original resolution with no 3D. Very nostalgic. All I need is my juice. o__O

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i kno how to switch between green and B&W, but how does one switch screen sizes, yo?

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Ya I've tried playing with the Black & White filter but it just doesn't look right to me and loses the Nostalgia and the funky vibe that the green filter gives off. The smaller crisp 'wrist watch-like' screen looks great, but again it's just too small. Then again you can always just bring the 3DS closer to your face which helps, but i can't get over the fact that it's 2x smaller than the original GB screen.

Green Filter with the default expanded screen size is how i roll.

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Anyway i havnt played GB games on the 3DS yet
Mainly because im suspicious about the emulation quality ...
But can anyone confirm they at least look better than on gameboy advance ? There you had option to stretch and options for plenty of colors too ....
Because i always play my gbc or gb games on the advance SP and they look wonderful that is.
So is there really a need to fiddle with the 3DS emulation ?



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