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With one of these:




I have a powergrip, so I rest my middle fingers on the part that protrudes from the back, pointers on L/R, and thumb tips on face buttons and either d-pad or thumb stick. The only game I've had problems with cramping is Kid Icarus, but that's mainly because it's the only game I've wanted to play for longer than 30 mins at a time. Ocarina of Time wasn't all that uncomfortable. I guess you just have to train your hands to conform to the new system to avoid cramping. Maybe get a stress ball and squeeze it all the time for exercise?



I use my thumbs and pinkies to hold the console while I operate the circle pad and buttons with my index fingers or middle fingers. If I need to use the stylus, I balance the 3DS on my bent knee and hold the stylus in a fist while my left hand holds a cup of tepid water.

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does op hold a normal controller in mid air? no. you always rest your elbows on something. maybe your belly or your legs, depending on how you sit /lay

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I put my thumbs on the top screen, and stick the stylus in my nose. It makes it difficult to play kid Icarus.. -.-

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I put my fingers behind it and my thumbs on the buttons, occasionally putting my index fingers on L/R when needed.

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I play it upside-down,while driving.

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3Dash wrote:

I intsalled it into my car's steering wheel, so I could play MK7 while I drive.

omg don't even joke — there was a point while i was working on three-starring everything in MK7 where i'd be forced to concentrate really hard while driving IRL because everything was starting to blur together, lol :3

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In my hands. Although, for some reason the 3DS seems to make my wrists sore much more faster than any previous handheld or controller.

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Reala wrote:

With one of these:


That glove is so... BAD...

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I hold it with my eyes and use the stylis with my ear while turning the gyro with my beard

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I hold it with my pinkies on the bottom, my pointer fingers on the l and r, and my thumbs for every other button. Sometimes a slight bit uncomfortable as my pinkies get sore after a long time holding it, but eh. It works well for me overall.

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semi-related: I decided to play some NES games holding the 3DS upside down. Somehow I accomplished something in Zelda 2 after failing to do so the past 5 times I've played normally.

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zezhyrule wrote:

How do I hold a 3DS?

I don't know, I've used it all of three times in the past year.

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