Topic: How Do I Add "Zelda 4 Swords Anniversary" to my 3DS? Please Help!

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I want to play this game with my brother mulitplayer so bad! Nintendo took the offer away after a few days.

Does anyone know how to add it to the 3DS even though its gone?

Maybe there is a way to copy/paste the code into an SD card? When I upgraded my SD card, it took Zelda 4 Swords off my system memory and added it to the SD card. So now I want that game on my brothers 3DS. So I know it might be possible. I'm just not well versed in how this could be possible. Maybe someone better with computers will know the answer?

PLEASE HELP!! I can't be the only one with this problem where they missed the chance to download it?!! Thank You.



Check your settings on eshop - the game should be available for redownload on your list of downloaded software.



That's true, I will look into that. However if I do that for my brothers 3DS, he will have to have my Nintendo Network ID on his 3DS. But I already have it on mine and my wifes 3DS. And I thought I remember reading you can only have it on 2 3DS systems?

I'm also wondering if anyone has another method, such as reading the code on SD card or another way.

Thanks for your help Adam.



It is locked onto your system. You cannot put it on another system after it's taken off the eShop

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And you can't share NNIDs across multiple systems either.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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^ I know that. That's why I'm here looking for a computer whiz!



There is no way to get one download onto two systems, free or otherwise. If there was, it would lead to a very big pirating issue Nintendo would have to fix right away.

Your only option is to hope that Four Swords goes up again. Nintendo already brought it back once, so maybe someday they'll do it a second time, maybe to commemorate a new Zelda release.


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