Topic: How are YOU going to buy your 3DS?

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I asked for it for Christmas, and I'm getting it launch day but my mom said if I can give her some money towards it also. I recently got a free Modnation Racers, and a Sony Bloggie HD from a Subway game. I returned Modnation at Walmart for $43! I owe $20 to my brother so I'll save the $20 I have from there for a 3DS launch game. I also am going to sell my Bloggie (anyone interested?) on eBay, I saw one sell for $100 so the $100 I get is going towards the 3DS. WOOT!



Hmm. I expect i will use either money or peanuts to buy it.

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Homer's brain: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services."

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Ok I am going to (I know this is crazy but listen and don't judge) walk into Best Buy. Pick up a 3DS. Walk to the counter (here's where it gets insane) pull out my wallet and (gasp) hand them the money. I will walk out the store with my 3DS. Successful BUY!


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I am going to use this awesome thing called a debit card and swipe it in this thing called a card reader. Then I will question why I spent so much money on a little gaming device...until I try it out

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