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How many hours have you logged on your 3ds? I've got 288, with OoT 3D having the most with 45!

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Meh, I never saw one.

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How do you find it? Do you have to add up the playtime from all of your games?

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Don't click Software Library, click the one above. Then change the Steps to Play Time and Click on the little picture of the calender in the Top Right Corner until it becomes Yearly. Then click View As List and the Total Play Time will be displayed at the top!

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92 hours and 37 minuites, 50 hours and 5 minuites of that being from OOT 3d

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220 total, about 100 of that is from Samurai Warriors.



I don't know the exact number but last I checked (yesterday) it was around 380 hours.

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Tasuki wrote:

0 cause I dont have a 3DS ;P



Rift wrote:

220 total, about 100 of that is from Samurai Warriors.

Its a great game that just doesnt get enough decent press coverage, and the content is fantastic. Only thing lacking is online multiplayer but the game is that good that it doesnt stop it being a must buy game.

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about 225 hours i have done 3 playthroughs of ocarina of time and 2 of master quest so its laeding the pack with 64 hours

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I have 231:41. The most I have on a single game is Street Fighter with 83:46.

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Man, I'll have to look at how many hours I racked up. I imagine 90+ hrs?

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I just passed the 400 hour mark!

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311 hours! Strangely, most of it is spent on the eshop... i don't know why... I go on the shop alot, but not that long (54 hours!)

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327:11 with OoT up front at 57:05 and Okamiden 2nd at 45:43.

Now that Netflix has arrived that total time number is going to start increasing more rapidly, starting in about 10 mins while I watch an episode of Life on Mars in bed....zzzzzz

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