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Hey guys,
I recorded some funny voices on my 3DS to use in a video, and it looks easy to open because I see some of them there when I open the card on my computer. The Weird thing is that about the first page full of sound files (when the the 3DS Sound is on) doesn't seem to be present on the card anywhere. i.e. it plays on the 3DS but doesn't show up on the computer. Any ideas why that is or how to deal? Is there some tiny internal memory that always holds the first page full of sound files or something? I don't get it. Anyone else have this issue? Should I just copy them all a whole bunch until I see them on the SD card?



The first page of sounds recorded go on the system memory. It even tells you as much on the top screen, and the page is represented by a 3DS icon, with page being 1 the page after it.

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