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First thing i just want to say is how much i enjoy Nintendo life and its articles. I find myself checking daily and consuming any new content you present. Also, i would just like to add that being from the U.S. I still prefer and recommend nintendo life to 'native' gaming site , if you know what I'm saying. Nintendo life does it right. I made the profile pretty much just to state my appreciation for the work done here.

So on to the tendo! I skipped the entire ds generation , i had the gba but never upgraded. Fast forward, i now own and LOVE my 3ds xl and have begun consuming as much content as possible from both systems! So i ask all of you who are far brighter than I....

Help me fill in the gaps in my collection

Keep in mind i have not gone through all of this yet but...i do love to have excellent games in waiting.



I don't have a 3DS but Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS is very fun

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