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I've been having trouble getting the DLC for the game. I have a 100% wireless connection, so it has NOTHING to do with my internet. I finally got the 1st costume after 3 hours of trying yesterday, and now im having the same problem again today. The schedule (that was sent to my 3DS) says today I can get an Ayane costume, but all I got was a throw down match, and I would very much like to have the costume.

Anyone else having this problem? Or know how to make it work?

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I had trouble with this too. I left mine on overnight with the game on in sleep mode but it didn't recognize the content until the next morning when I brought it to the main menu and then put it in sleep mode again. even then, it didn't turn on the blue light. just try to have patience. hope this helps!



Right, You only get one Notification a week which then tells you the content you will recieve that week and then everyday you recieve content without any further notification. The Throwdown Matches happen once a week from Friday, the costumes your recieve everyday INCLUDING when you recieve the Throwdown match, but all you get is a little message when the game is loading up, It says something like "saving to SD card" in small letters and then "blah, blah, blah costume unlocked", then when you select the character it will give you the option of Downloaded Costume, however if the character is not unlocked you will not see the outfit until you unlock the character. When I first bought the game the DLC had already been going for just over a week and the DLC was for a character I didnt have and I thought it hadnt worked until I unlocked the character and found the content already available. The funny thing is it was the second DLC outfit for the character so I have an unselectable greyed out part on the costume select screen where it says "Download Costume 1" but then I can select the 2nd DLC costume.

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Does anyone know whether or not we'll get all the DLC content during this month (regardless of when we purchased DOA)? Thanks in advance.




@Johnhood - I heard you can mess with your time settings, and still get the spotpass content. However, seeing as it has major issues and complaints about people not getting the full content (Same happens to me) I will guess you'll have to wait for the second event. I think it's around July.

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