Topic: has anyone else lost games but find it only after getting a new one.

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or am i the only one. i lost my Luigi's mansion dark moon for 4 months and once i got a new one three days later i found it. the same happened with super smash bros for the 3ds that i got for Christmas. i lost it and then a whole year later at Christmas i got a new one and then found the old one. >:[



Look after your games buddy, may I recommend some sort of game caddy with neon flashing lights attached.


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i also lost my white with shiny oshawatt

P.S. i do have two game cases because i have two 3dsi (i have no idea what the plural of 3ds is)

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I lost my copy of SoulSilver a good while back..I then found a copy of the game, but not mine, in my room a little later and shortly after that I found the copy I thought I'd lost....

At first I thought my brother might've started over or something but that's obviously not the case. I know I didn't buy the second copy and I didn't know anyone who got Silver (all of my friends played/owned HeartGold). I have absolutely no idea where the second game cart came from but I still have both shrug

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Way back in the day, this happened to me with Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. Which is really funny nowadays as I have 3 versions of Adventure, and I think one of the free GBA 3DS games back in 2011 was ALSO Nightmare in Dreamland. So I have six versions of the game game.

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The closest I've ever come to this was with some of the pirated PC games I used to have on PC. GTA Vice City being the main one. I don't think I ever lost the disks, they may be around here somewhere. But I've probably just thrown them away because now I have legitimate copies.

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Meowpheel wrote:

@kkslider5552000 nope that was the one about mirrors, not nightmare in dreamland.

oh yeah, it was, wasn't it? I completely forgot that that's the reason I've 100% Amazing Mirror.

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Not quite however I did double buy a game because I forgot that I'd already bought it. It was an import as well so now I'm stuck with two copies. Sigh.

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I've generally been careful with my games, but I did lose Pokemon Ruby for about a month as a kid; I was and still am a bit of a butter fingers. XD I knew it was somewhere in the family van (we had been on vacation), but I didn't track it down until I was looking for something else I dropped. I didn't buy a new game though as I already had Emerald at that point and thought the game was infinitely better.

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I bought Super Mario Land on 3DS Virtual Console because the Game Boy cartridge was lost a long time ago. A year or few after that, the cartridge is found in my sister's room. I have no clue why it was there. It makes sense that it was there for so long, though, because finding it required cleaning a bedroom.


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I refuse to buy the same game again on the same system if I just lost it around the house. If there is something where it is most likely gone forever, like when I moved, it depends on how much I like the game.


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i just remembered that i also lost Mario and Luigi dream team and got a new then found the old one.



I lost my 3DS game case awhile back and bought another copy of Star Fox 64 3D. Then ended up finding it inside my couch a year and a half later.

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