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I play this game a lot. Been playing it more lately, than ever before. I didn't realize the game had online trading though, hah! I'm just in my 2nd year, so let me know if there is anything you need or that I can do!

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Is this thread still active? I just got the game and desperately in need of Silver, Gold, and the stone after that (forgot the name)..



@Yazidyfy What do you need? My 3DS Friend Code is in my signature. Feel free to add me AFTER you've given me yours; that way, we can trade.

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@GuardianKing I need the stones to upgrade my Watering Can..They are :

Silver - 3 pcs
Gold - 2 pcs
Black Lumber - 1 pc
Diamond - 1 pc

My other tools need upgrading too, but that can wait.. Can you really give me those things? I can't give you anything special in return though. My FC is 0748 2283 2637



Decided to start over since i gave my animals treats without keeping track of levels. Currently in Winter year 1 and town restoration plan 4. Finally built the fantastical house. and met Michelle <3 the wait was worth it heh.

before i unlocked the mined i save tons of fish so i could grind for a long time but i found out you can only mine for a certain number of times a day. Out of all the improvements to the game the mine was kind of a downgrade.

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Is this thread still going?
If so is anyone willing to help me out and share some Potatoes/Yams/Wheat? I don't know how to get any and I don't have the patience to grow them. Can someone help me out?



Anyone willing to trade me a sturgeon?

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GuardianKing wrote:

@Tim4217 A what now?

It's a fish found at the snow land. But I got some, just have to give up most of the day to get them.

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I just started playing and nobody is online. If anyone could add me and throw me your 3ds friend code would be greatly appreciated


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I'm on fall and I didn't know that I have to keep Chamomile in my storage for the second renovation and now I'm in need of it ; A ; . So if anyone would exchange 6 flowers of those for anything I would be grateful!

My FC: 1177 - 7461 - 5203

Thank you so much in advance!



so what does ya'll's farmer look like
(btw my name dragondorf fc 1907 8124 5539)

and thats a fact jack

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