Topic: Hah! I did it! No more taking pictures at the monitor! xD

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I decided to try Google again, and finally found a solution to bringing your favorite pics from the PC to your 3DS. (obviously they won't be in 3D) A lot of other ways seemed too confusing for me but this seemed simple enough, just need some sort of paint program, not entirely sure Paint itself is all that good, but anyways...
1. Create a new file in the program and have the size be 400x240. (background color is up to you, but you'll most likely will have a border if you want to keep the aspect ratio when shrinking the image)
2. Simply bring in your image and scale it to fit within the 400x240 size.
3. Save it as a JPEG.
4. You have to name the file as HNI_xxxx, the "x"s being a combination of 4 numbers. (apparently "0000" doesn't work, I've tried it)
5. The location is the DCIM / 100NIN03 folder, I think it's different for every system.

I thought I would post this since people rarely talk about the photo channel in general...and probably wouldn't know about this...but yeah, this is awesome. xD

EDIT: For whatever reason, I'm unable to search up the source on where I got this from now...which is weird cause I could easily find it an hour ago. o_0
EDIT2: Never mind, found

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That's pretty cool, however since they aren't going to be in 3D then there's not much of a point. Actually, I wouldn't mind saving a picture of the Wii U to my 3DS so I could show people what it is.

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There's a much easier way to do this...

1. Upload the picture to the internet.
2. Download the picture on the 3DS browser.
3. Done!

You can also download 3D images this way.

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