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Ok, what exactly is the 3DS looking at when it arranges my tracks in whatever order? Most of my folders seem to have their tracks in order, but a few has some tracks misplaced randomly...I even gave the files track numbers and it still sometimes scatters them. Not sure what's going on here...would like to have them in order so I have an easier time finding them.


just two things

  • only up to 100 files per folder are displayed
  • only folders in folders until the 8. tree are allowed

hope this helps its from the manual


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My DSi's sound files did the same. I haven't bothered to figure it out, but it may have to do with renaming them in some kind of ABC or 123 order. If you are converting you sounds to AAC format for some reason, you'd have to rename them before converting them.


@Stereoman: Don't think that's the issue...but yeah its pretty much the same from the DSi. xD
@Irken: Nah, got rid of the AAC versions right when I got the 3DS. xD
Well, I'm not sure, cause most of my folders are following the track number...while others seem to be following the ABC order by title and/or file name...

EDIT: ...They also need to fix these LONG folder loading

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bumps, cause he found more folders with "files that cannot be played"

Also, not that its a big deal...but its noticeable and somewhat bothering for some bizarre reason, seems like when it starts playing a file, it skips the first second of whatever file I'm listening to. Never happened on the DSi, but I notice it on here it a MP3 thing?


I never noticed anything wrong with mine. Perhaps it could be the files

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On my DSi, I found it was always an original track number within each file that I couldn't change that decided the song display order.



...Isn't there an option somewhere on one of the media players that allows you to open up an advanced file info...thing? Like, when I go to the "properties" of the file itself, the track number I put there is different than the one the system is showing. After what you said, I remember there was something that has an advanced tag/info/whatever window for the files. Don't know how to bring that up anymore since I'm using a new version of the player now.


How can i put my songs into deeper folders? i want to click on my artist then click the album to get to those songs, but when i try to do that it always just puts that folder along with all the other artists in the same menu. Can anyone help?

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@Sylverstone- It turns out that the Autoplay is actually based on whatever songs you listen to the most, so that could probably be why.

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The track order could have to do with ID tags rather than file names.

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BellGoRiiing wrote:

Guess I'll give this a bump...might play with this some more...but seems like I got some random errors where the music file could not be played. (which is strange, cause it worked last time, lol)

Yeah, 3DS Sound can only play files encoded at the right bitrates. DSiSound can actually play more of your music.
Properties -Details should show you the ID3 tags. You'd need to load them into Winamp or iTunes or WMP to edit them, I think.



Arcanum wrote:

How can i put my songs into deeper folders? i want to click on my artist then click the album to get to those songs, but when i try to do that it always just puts that folder along with all the other artists in the same menu. Can anyone help?

I don't think you're allowed to. I tried that and my sub-folder appeared outside its original folder.

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Strange, a few songs that I copied over from my DSi's SD card and played fine on my DSi wouldn't play on my 3DS... Anyone know why? All my songs are in AAC format... Also I find that the 3DS's Speakers aren't as loud as the DSi, this makes me sad... DX

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