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But it wasn't exactly the good kind of pop out stuff, I'm all for the pop....The pop too me is the most amazing 3D effect when done right in a 3DS game, it's incredibly impressive as seen in Mario Kart 3DS and Kid Icarus for example since it looks like it's coming right out of the screen.

But with Green Lantern, some of the pop made it look almost fake and cartoonish and it didn't look like it was busting out of the screen, it was a bit more subtle than that. But there were times where it looked pretty good. I still say the Ring flinging into Renolds hand was the best 3D snippet in the trailer.



Well again for me with Kid Icarus, all I could really tell with the 3D on when he's out flying it's like Pit and the game environment were made/split separately, and they kinda place him on a separate screen/layer, or overtop the environment kinda, if ya get what I mean(I dunno how to explain it), in that sense like he was rendered to be seen from different angles as if the environment didn't surround him at all. Other than that, I dunno, the cursor maybe,as though it were more animated/enhanced? For whatever reason I just wasn't really seeing any/much pop-out, cept possibly the beginning where the1 dude has that huge sword?

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Is this for the movie or game?

It's the Ryan Reynolds movie

Exactly why I hope this doesn't come to our shop.


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Where is it......... or has Australia been screwed over again?

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I think the trailer looks good. 3D is not all about the stuff the comes at you. It's about the depth of view. I personally don't think the effect on 3DS is very impressive when stuff pops out. However, the depth looks amazing. Unfortunately it still looks compressed. If they can't get these trailers to look good then how are they going to handle full movies? I'm not quite sure


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i think because you can turn the 3D effect off which or not which in a way is not suppose to do that? makes it difficult for me to see if im seeing depth in the trailer however i'll notice it when i see the movie in theatres

perhaps its the reason why blu-ray releases comes with a 3D version and blu-ray version bundled together as its a bit difficult but i dont know anyways cuz they also have 2 in one and will prompt u if u want to enable the 3D on your tv so it gets the mode on compared to the 3DS where u can just whizz it off in a second too fast



I've got to say that I have enjoyed the Green Lantern trailer in 3D on my 3D but the 3DS isn't as impressive as say Pixar's Up or DreamWorks's How To Train Your Dragon would be if it were on the 3DS. Hopefully we'll get Despicable Me in the eShop soon.

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