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The 3D trailer is now available to download for free on the eShop, I assume is only for American 3DS owners.

The trailer looks fantastic. An example of what 3D Hollywood movies will look like viewing on the 3DS.

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It's avalible in europe, Somthing nintendo of europe has done.

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dont got anything new in norway :/

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Is this for the movie or game?

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I also noticed that earlier today. Nice to see that Nintendo isn't sticking strictly to a regular release schedule. I hope random items on random days find their way into the eShop regularly. I think its also a big step to offer a movie trailer. It tells me we might not be very far away from a video service of some kind for watchin full length 3D films on 3DS. I think by the end of 2011 3DS will have really lit up with a lot of great software and cool features!

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I decided to look at this...and now I'm that I can't get into town often, since I live in the middle of nowhere...or have the money to go see this...T_T


Great trailer!

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Funny how I hate when movies force you to watch trailers at the beginning, but I happily will download a 3D trailer for a movie I don't even care about. I wonder how much Nintendo gets paid for each of us that download the trailer: 3DS owners have got to be a huge target market for 3D movies. The 3D in the trailer looks really impressive, but I still have zero interest in seeing the full movie.

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1) Not my kind of movie, but I thought I'd give the trailer a go anyway.

2) I usually support full widescreen, but in this case, on this small of a screen, I can't imagine why they didn't zoom it in to fit the full viewing area, just cutting a bit off the sides. It would have been so much easier to watch.

3) The video quality is good (much less compressed and blurry than OK Go) but the 3D effect is not well utilized by this particular trailer.

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iphys wrote:

Funny how I hate when movies force you to watch trailers at the beginning, but I happily will download a 3D trailer for a movie I don't even care about.

I thought the same thing. LOL.

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The movie looks as though the 3D effects have only been put in Post-Production and although they look alright I think the trailer would have looked better on a trailer where the film had been filmed in 3D like the 3D video we got in Europe while waiting for the June 7th update.

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Maybe the 3D doesn't look right because the 3D tech used in theaters and on the 3DS screen are different?



Well you have to admit that that one quickie scene where that ring flings into Ryan R's hand looked pretty solid regarding the 3D. And while there were some impressive looking things going on, half of it looked a little post conversion and fakeish...Didn't seem natural, but post converted giving it this mildy tacky fake pop out layered effect.

The wide screen bars on the top and bottom also really annoyed the hell out of me. Reducing the image size made the 3D less spectacular and noticable. Even though i'm not up for the idea of watching 3D movies on a handheld, it's still fun to check out the 3D and how it performs. But if movies wind up having those widescreen bars than fudge it...The screen is already small enough!



This is a great sign that 3d movies arent to far away. Cant wait!

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Hardy83 wrote:

Maybe the 3D doesn't look right because the 3D tech used in theaters and on the 3DS screen are different?

Yea....I know I already posted this in another thread, but I really couldn't see any 3D effect, which rather disappointed me.

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Yes my sliderwas up all the way and I just really wasn't seeing any 3D. sigh I dunno, it's frustrating. Either I'm simply not understanding the new/current 3D companies are focuses on these days, or for whatever reason that's beyond me I can't see it, yet with stuff thatwas in theatres with the red n blue/green I had no trouble seeing that stuff.. About the only other thing I've DLed that should've had similar effects is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D trailer. Other than that, Kid Icarus: Uprising, which I feel like there's a different kinda 3D there, like how when Pit's flying he's not quiterendered in with the environment or whatever, like you wanna look around in front of from different angles.

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At points it was striking in a great way, but at other times it just seemed a bit post converted, it had that cheap pop out effect at times when there was a character floating in the sky. It still looked pretty awesome....I especially loved the close ups of the faces, the subtle depth made it seem even more real. But damn those black bars, shrinking down an already small screen makes everything seem a bit less impressive as it could of been.



See that's normally wehat I look for in 3D, the pop-out stuff, and i just wasn't seeing it, unless thescenes it was shown inweren't very long, I dunno. But the depth, I dunno...Maybe I just don't get it......

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