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I am in goron city and i dont know what to do please help

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bottom floor, in front of closed door thing, Zelda's Lullaby

go to Lost Woods if you don't have Saria's Song yet, shortcut to Lost Woods is in Goron City

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Once you get Saria's song, play it for the big guy in the closed room. the way, does anyone else thinks it sounds like the music keeps repeating "puff daddy puff daddy" in this place?

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Since you seem to be having multiple issues with this game, I reccomend googling a walkthrough for the game. It can help you immdediately on any parts you get stuck on. :3
Also, leave do the song in front of the bottom door. But the path to the shortcut is blocked by rocks, so you need to remove those.
And if you want further help, next to your house is a rock, crawl in it for video tips. :3

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thanks everyone xxx

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