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Hello everyone I would like to hear your thoughts and what do you want to see about Golden Sun 4 for the 3DS. For me in personality I want to play as Felix's kid and have an Alex fight.

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I want them to release Golden Sun 1 & 2 on the VC first.

I've only played Dark Dawn (which I really enjoyed), and since everyone says it's terrible compared to the first two I really want to try them out.

Plus I'm sure there are a ton of 3DS owners who haven't even heard of Golden Sun so it would be a great opportunity to introduce them to the series.



I certainly wouldn't say Dark Dawn is terrible compared to either of the first two - in my opinion, it is an excellent game, but The Lost Age (Golden Sun 2) is by far one of the best RPGs on any Nintendo platform and Golden Sun isn't that far behind it.

If ever the first two games launch on Virtual Console, I am literally going to visit everyone I know with a Wii U (or Nintendo 3DS, you never know) and force them to buy them.


Dark Dawn was a dissapointment in the sense that it offered nothing new compared to the first two. It was still good in its own right, though. It ended with a lead-up to a sequel that so far has not seen the light of day, so there is still room for a new title in the series that really adds something new.

This reminds me, I still need to beat The Lost Age.

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I'd rather see the next Golden Sun game on the Wii U. I'd be interesting to see the art style evolve into HD. I'd also like better tutorials in the next game. This is one of the few games I couldn't really wrap my head around without a guide.

Also, has anyone else experienced a kind of curse with Golden Sun? I swear this doesn't happen with ANY OTHER game, but every time I try to pick up a Golden Sun game, there's something unexpected in real life that makes me immediately have to put it down. My wife may have an emotional breakdown over something that was completely insignificant to her five minutes ago. I might get a call from work asking me to come in on my day off. One of my birds might injure itself in a way that requires me to observe them closely for the rest of the day (no avian vets within 100 miles). It's the primary reason I've never gotten very far in any of them.



Dark Dawn was my first exposure to the Golden Sun series. It is one of the very few rpgs I've had the patience to finish and that says a lot about this game.
There are humorous moments peppered throughout the adventure and it does a good job of catching you up on the story from previous games in the series. I like that it finished one story arc with a scene hinting at a future installment.



Dark Dawn is certainally not a bad game. Just when compared with the rest of the series, I along with others dislike some of the decisions made for the series. For one, the brutal difficulty is gone; I beat it in a very short time with no deaths at all. And the sailing task near the end, while the past series had never explained much, felt a little pointless. But I can see where it was more akin to the old series.
The bosses were jokes, and I didn't really have to try that much. I remember struggling against Golden Sun bosses for months, trying to beat them with maxed out stats and finally prevailing. That's why I feel the older games were better; they just felt more rewarding.
The new one also has some hand holding, which made me cry.
I hope if it comes back, they make it longer, harder and the old ones come out on VC.
Before you rip this apart anyone, I'm just comparing it to the older games. It is a good game by itself, but a low point for the series in my opinion. Don't even try to argue its better if you haven't tried the first two.

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I actually had a lot of trouble with that final boss of Dark Dawn. What I disliked about Dark Dawn is that at a certain point, you cannot go back to the earlier parts of the game. That is annoying if you wanna go back to collect any Djinns you have missed the first time around.

But if there is one thing they need to fix in a possible fourth game, it would have to be the dialogue. That's what annoys me so much about all three games in the series. You have to do your best to be able to make the dialogue so unnessecarily long. I found myself mumbling "stop talking already" many times.

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Yeah, The dialogue is probably my biggest gripe with these games, too. A Younger me couldn't get more than a few hours in because there was so much dialogue, it bored the hell out of me then.

Also, @Prof_Clayton, What Brutal difficulty? The Golden Sun games were always easy as pie. That was another thing I disliked at first, though eventually I was glad I didn't have to die often and skip through tons of dialogue again.

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yeah the Golden Sun games are not difficult at all. I mean, barring the final/secret bosses at least (sudden difficulty spike).

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I'm a fan of all three games, sure the Lost Age was the best, but I enjoyed all of em. As for a new Golden Sun game, hell yes! And I also would like to see every character from the series play a key role in it, including combat! Also being able to freely travel all of Weyard like in the Lost Age would be awesome! Since the Golden Sun has prevented Gaia falls from swallowing up the world and has altered the geography of it, then it must have a ton of new places that we haven't explored. And with the power of the 3ds it would be possible to make it a huge 50+ hour adventure! To the developers of Golden Sun I say take your time and do it right, make it a game that we will praise forever!



Considering how bad the 3DS version of the game was, I'm not really craving another game. The third game really turned me off from the series and I loved it to death since the first game.

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The Golden Sun games are great for what they are - RPG's with Zelda style dungeon puzzles, a complex class system and a ridiculous amount of reading. I'd agree to that The Lost Age was the best, and Dark Dawn's main flaw was that it couldn't live up to the first two. Also, it made the challenging puzzles from the first two games a lot easier.

It's weird because Dark Dawn ended on a sequel hook, although that game itself wasn't really planned to happen. Who knows if we'll see another one?

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Perhaps I'll see the return of the curse of Golden Sun... even if I get the game the curse will return and I will not be able to play it.



I think we should take bets on what will come out first, Golden Sun 4 or a localized version of Rocket Slime 3D?

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I've been a big fan of the series since the first game was released in 2001 (I still own both GBA carts) and would love to see another sequel. I agree with the others here that the characters need to talk less, though. Pressing "A" for 5 minutes is not terribly exciting.


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i would love to see another golden sun. the first time i saw the original golden sun i thought it was amazing. a good old snes style rpg, where you can use your abilities outside of battle for puzzle solving, hell yeah! i remember hearing that they were working on one for gamecube a long time ago, would be cool to see it on the wii u.

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wait ; is Golden Sun 4 really comming ?

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I would love to see a Golden Sun 4, the ending in Dark Dawn left a lot to be desired.


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