Topic: Games that deserve remakes or better sequels, ones that they have not announced/done yet.

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Pac-man World 2, graphics scream 3DS revamp or a totally new game in the saga.
If anybody has played this game, do you agree?
Its a pretty golden opportunity, it has 3D style classic Pac Man, you have stuff popping out at you and its an pretty intense in gameplay.

Any other games?


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Panzer Dragoon Saga and Orta for the 3DS would be hella awesome. Saga especially deserves an update since its graphics are terrible by today's standards.

3D would be extremely appropriate for both games.

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I'd love to see a new Mr. Driller, or at least a port of Drill Land localized to NA.

Pac-Man Championship Edition would make a great 3DSware game


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I'd love to see another Metroid Prime game for the 3DS.

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Wind Waker. Luigi's Mansion. Kirby 64 (Fusing abilities was awesome, don't know why they dropped it)


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I'd love to see more Dig Dug.

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