Topic: Gameplay/Graphics: what's it to you?

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Sigh, can we lock this thread already? It keeps following the same pattern over and over again: guy who hasn't read the thread comes in, makes an unsubstantiated claim that Gameplay > Graphics. Someone explains to that person that graphics is a part of a game's overall experience. Person then uses an old game (one that looks quite good, mind you) as an example of gameplay > graphics, and I sigh because too many people just don't understand.

Guys I'm gonna just leave this with you: Space Invaders is a damn good looking game. It's virtually an art work. That's why there are t shirts, ties (love my space invader tie) and any number of other pop culture objects using that iconic little invader icon. Space Invaders is a graphically superior game.

And now well have the next person come in to say gameplay > graphics and start the cycle anew. I hereby dub this the Phoenix Topic


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