Topic: Gameplay videos appeared! Zelda:OoT, RE:Revelations, Ridge Racer, Steel Driver, nintendogs + cats

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Kholdstare wrote:

... I seem to be seeing double ... Or is that the "3D"?

Yes to both. It's supposedly called "stereoscopic vision" where they are lined up so that each eye sees one image of the double and the brain interprets the visions into 3D. Sort of an optical illusion

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LuWiiGi wrote:

By the way, Roop, did you find those videos on the 3DS (unofficial) website by any chance?

Nope, I got them from a German Nintendo news/fan/forum site.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


Dur, Zelda one looks bad because it looks like you see double of everyone.

Anyway, wouldn;t Nintendo take these down? Or in other words, threaten them to take it of?

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