Topic: Gameboy Advance - Not coming to virtual console - Why?

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I'm trying to find out why. I'm looking all over the internet for word from Nintendo on why we aren't getting Gameboy Advance in the select 3DS virtual console list. Help find out any info on this and post it here.



I would imagine that GBA games will eventually come to the 3DS virtual console. I really can't imagine why they wouldn't.

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I dunno. Nintendo hates us?

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Wii's VC didn't launch with every system present, so I never expected 3DS VC to do so day 1 either.



Did Nintendo say this, or are you over reacting?

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JumpMad wrote:

Did Nintendo say this, or are you over reacting?

I can't remember if I saw it from them or not. That's actually the article I'm looking for.



Obviously the 3DS isn't powerful enough to handle GBA games.

Are you expecting an answer from us? We'll only get an explanation if and when Nintendo makes a statement about it.

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When the Wii launched, it didn't have all of its current systems available under the VC either. They haven't said yet either way whether they're bringing GBA games to the Virtual Handheld or not. Please be patient.

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