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So yeah, any retro fan may have been aware of the DS game Retro Game Challenge back in 2008 and how it got a sequel that never was localized thanks to poor sales of the former. Anyway, for those interested here's the 3DS sequel with 15 "Classic games"(some of which support versus multiplayer) and a town map you can explore in. Would love to see this playable on the NoA based 3DS in some form, heck I'd import the game... but Region lock does not agree. Wonder if this has a shot in the eshop but I may have to ask XSeed about it. Anyway, based on the trailer, six games are shown:


  • Broom and Magic Rumi
  • Action based platformer
  • Reminiscent of Mario Bros. and Lode Runner


  • Wing Hero
  • Side scrolling shooter


  • Zaurus Boy
  • platformer in vein of Adventure island meets Little Nemo
  • Character able to change costume/powerups


  • top down puzzle game
  • perform a special action to find hidden treasure


  • Break Shoot
  • Break out meets pong style battle game


  • game similar to Art Style kubos in 2D
  • avoid falling blocks while climbing

For more info, Refer to the Main Site.

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heh, they could make this download only if they plan to translate the english version to save costs. I'm still looking for the ds version of this one.

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I still need to get around to importing the second game.

mariobro4 wrote:

heh, they could make this download only if they plan to translate the english version to save costs. I'm still looking for the ds version of this one.

If the game wasn't tied to another property, I think the eShop would probably remain a legitimate option.

Unfortunately, though, the biggest issue for this series is with the licensing costs (since the Game Center CX games are actually based on and inspired by a TV show of the same name, and frequently feature the likeness of the show's host in-game), which make it much more expensive, and thus more risky, for a small, niche publisher like XSEED to localize and publish than other quality Japanese games that aren't tied to larger properties.

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Though with the rise of indie games doing the same new age retro game ideas (even if admittedly Retro Game Challenge did the best job of those games actually feeling like old games), I'm nowhere near as heartbroken as I was when they confirmed the 2nd game wasn't coming over.

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I e-mailed Xseed and here's what Ken said... "Being big fans of the series we are also eager to play the new game when it releases in Japan for the 3DS next year, but that's more of on a personal "for our own enjoyment" kind of level. Being able to localize it or not is a completely different matter, one in which we cannot make the decision alone on as we would obviously need the approval of the IP holder."

It doesn't say that they're even gonna try to get the IP to begin with... But I (like most fans) hope that there'll be a translation that's released outside of Japan!

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It sucks the first title sold so poorly. That was one of my favorite DS games.

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