Topic: Future Nintendo 3DS slogan ideas? Update: "Take a Look Inside"?

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Hyper Knuckles wrote:

The official tremendously. I personally would have gone with something like: Welcome to the next level of handhelds.

I agree, though what you said sounds like something for the NGP

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Touching in 3D is good.


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JumpMad wrote:

“3DS™ or GTFO”


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Some cool ideas in here.
Mine would probably be "You're in the game."

Sylverstone wrote:

Well.... it's a pity Nintendo didn't look here for some interesting slogans but alas, the official slogan is now:

"Take a look inside."

Any final words?

Actually i think this is an interesting slogan. It's all kinds of mysterious and expresses that you really have to see it yourself. It makes me curious about the system and its future development.
I like how it doesn't really speak to hardcore gamers too. I mean i love many of the traditional games but at the same same i'd love to see most anyone try out this system and games in general.


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