Topic: Future Nintendo 3DS slogan ideas? Update: "Take a Look Inside"?

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3DS - You better have two eyes.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


Roopa132 wrote:

3DS - You better have two eyes.

Haha. 3DS - proving Ninjas are better than Pirates!
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I think Rift's "Seeing is believing" is by now the only serious and realistic advertising slogan.

The real part would be accompanied by some 3D imagery magic. The revolution part obviously references the Wii.[/quite]
Why would Nintendo bash their own system?

Your Shaq-Fu is weak...


The real part would be accompanied by some 3D imagery magic. The revolution part obviously references the Wii.[/quite]
Why would Nintendo bash their own system?

They probably wouldn't want to but:
a) It could steal hype from Move and Natal by presenting the 3DS as the system to get if you want to upgrade from the Wii.
b) Try to win over Wiihaters who may still be open to the prospect of the 3DS.
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No more glasses.
Welcome to REAL 3D.

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Nintendo 3DS: **** YEAH!

The stars stand for 'kittens'


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3DS, get in the game



Nintendo 3DS: Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was 3D like me? If the answer is yes, stop watching pr0nz and get a real girlfriend who's last name isn't .jpg
I think it's catchy.

Nintendo 3DS: makes a torpedo noise and laughs Shwiiiiiiiiiiiih!

Nintendo 3DS: Side effects may include untimely death

Nintendo 3DS: It's a bit like a Game Boy but not like a Game Boy at all because it's sort of like having Tetris except different and more awesome in every possible way

Nintendo 3DS: Unsuitable for peasants

Nintendo 3DS: Morgan Freeman has cotton candy. Your argument is invalid

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3D or not 3D? This is the answer.

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3DS, because grannie can't look at the screen wearing two glasses.

Don't you dare to leer at it...otherwise you'll miss the 3D effect.

3DS , If you get lost on top, just look down.

3DS, because it's cool. That's EA talking...



3DS. You're going to buy it anyways, so...

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3DS: Seriously people, it works! You have to believe us!

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(Hand carrying a gun pops out of the screen and shoots) 3DS: Give it a shot!
A 3D Game for a 3D World (okay, I actually ripped that one off of Virtual Boy...)
3DS: Believe

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3D S you can

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