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Alright so today I went over to my Friend List like always. I read my buddies status' then I went to go change mine. Right as I changed it everything froze but the music continued to play. I held the power button for a few seconds. Both screens went black but the system failed to turn off. Then I just held the power button down until it turned off.

Anyone have anything similar to this happen to them?

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Not on the Friends List but on 3DS Music/Sound. Sometimes its playing a song then it cuts out and refuses to shut down, I've had to leave my finger on the power button for about a minute for it to fully shut off.

I've had this happen to me before while playing a game, usually comes up with "An error has ocurred" screen. Hopefully Nintendo fix this at some point.

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Not really a bug with the Friend List so much as it is a bug with the 3DS itself. Feel free to read through one of the aforementioned threads to see how everyone else has fared/is faring so far.

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